Title: UnknownI've Got You
Artist: UnknownMcFly
Album: UnknownWonderland
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365 days of music challenge | day 200: I’ve Got You - McFly

"The world would be a lonely place, without the one that puts a smile on your face, so hold me till the sun burns out, I won’t be lonely when I’m down...”

i miss the old mcfly...

See ya beer face!!

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"The McFly story is in no danger to coming to the end.”


mcfly 30 day challenge (x)

day 15: a music video that you love - love is easy

“Looking back at those early days in the band house, we can all see how important they were in helping us bond as a band. It could have gone so wrong. Danny and I had picked Harry and Dougie after, literally, two days of knowing them. We could have all hated each other. We could have found that we had nothing in common, or that we resented the time we spent with each other. In fact, we had such a lot of fun. We weren’t yet famous or successful, but already we were having the time of our lives. Even when we hit the big time, we didn’t want to go out to clubs or celebrity haunts. Not our scene. For us, the best thing about being in a band was being in a band, doing band stuff - not all the trappings that went with it. We liked working on our music, and we liked hanging out together. All this meant we gelled more than most bands ever have the opportunity or inclination to do. Within a couple of months of moving into the band house, I had three new best friends. Their names were Danny, Harry and Dougie. No matter what the future held for us, our friendship was something we now know we could always rely on.” ― Tom Fletcher

The same question was answered by Georgia before and she did it right, but Danny…

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“I started out enjoying the film well enough (Back to the future), although I still wasn’t totally sold on the name (McFly). But then, it got to the sequence in the movie where Bif is chasing Marty McFly and crashes into the manure truck. ‘Whoa’ I shouted suddenly. ‘Go back! Go back!’… On the side of the manure truck were the words: D.Jones Manure Hauling. Fate. 'McFly’s the name!’ I shouted. Tom and James looked at me almost in disbelief. It was an amazing moment. The beginning of everything”. - Danny Jones



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